Bonny Colville-Hyde / Communicating Experiences with UX Comics

This workshop is a fun and quick way to learn how to draw characters and structure stories so they are suitable to use within user experience work as ‘UX comics’.

Comics are a powerful communication tool that supplements what is missing from so much of the redundant documentation we often produce. They get right to the heart of problems digital products and services have, as they focus on experiences shared through storytelling. Comics are a great way to share research findings with clients, and as a tool to test concepts with research participants, or simply to brainstorm ideas as a team.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, I’ll teach you how to draw simple people and scenarios following some basic drawing principles. You will work both individually and in small groups to complete the comic making activities, plus you’ll each go away with your own handmade comic.

Bonny Colville-Hyde
Bonny is a User Experience Consultant who has recently joined Rockpool Digital. Over the past eight years she has worked to make stacks of websites, apps and internal systems, more effective, efficient and satisfying for users. Her previous clients include eBay, the BBC, the Samaritans and Volkswagen Financial Services. Shes a fan of cross-team collaboration, and involving clients as much as possible. Bonny is best known for making UX comics.